Discographie - WWF The Music Vol. 4


WWF The Music Vol. 4


1. "Break the Walls Down" (Chris Jericho) 
2. "Big" (The Big Show) 
3. "No Chance in Hell" (The Corporation) 
4. "Sexual Chocolate" (Mark Henry) 
5. "This Is a Test" (Test) 
6. "Wreck" (Mankind) 
7. "Oh Hell Yeah" (Stone Cold Steve Austin) (performed by H-Blockx) 
8. "Danger At the Door" (D'Lo Brown) 
9. "Blood Brother" (Christian) 
10. "Ass Man" (Billy Gunn) 
11. "Ministry" (The Undertaker) 
12. "My Time" (Triple H & Chyna) (performed by Chris Warren) 
13. "On the Edge" (Edge) 
14. "Know Your Role" (The Rock) 


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