[List This] Top 50 Catchphrases

1.  Hulk Hogan - "Whatcha gonna do when the power of Hulkamania runs wild on you!"

2. Bret Hart - "I'm The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be"

3. Steve Austin - "If you want me to ..., gimmie a 'hell yeah!'"

4. Billy Graham - "I'm the man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour!"

5. Rob Van Dam - "I'm the whole F'n Show!"

6. Ric Flair - "Limousine ridin, jet flyin, kiss stealin, wheelin, dealin, stylin & profilin son of a gun!"

7. Tazz - "Beat me, if you can! Survive, if I let you!"

8. Ted DiBiase - "Everybody's Got A Price For The Million Dollar Man!"

9. New Age Outlaws - "Oh you didn't know? Your ass better call somebody!"

10. The Iron Sheik - "Iran.. #1! Russia.. #1! USA? Hacktui!!"

11. Ken Kennedy - "Misteeeeeeeer..........Kennedy .........................KENNEDY!!!!!"

12. Christian Cage - "................ Cause' That's How I Roll!"

13. Vince McMahon - "Yoooouuuuuu'rrreeeee FIRED!!!!!"

14. John Cena - "You Can't Seeeeeeeeeeee Me!"

15. Ric Flair - "If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man!"

16. Eddie Guerrero - "I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal!"

17. Scott Hall - "(longue pause dramatique)........ Hey yo!"

18. Kurt Angle - "It's True, it's DAMN True!"

19. blue World order - "We got three words for you.... We're Taking Oh-ver!!!"

20. Chris Jericho - "Dirty, Filthy, Disgusting, Brutal, Trash-bag, Ho!"

21. Steve Austin - "WHAT?"

22. Carlito  - "That's Cool" ou "That's Not Cool"

23. Dustin Rhodes - "You Will Always Remember the Name *pause dramatique* Goooldust.."

24. The Road Warriors - "We snack on danger & dine on death, & dead men don't make money!"

25. Mankind - "Have a Nice Day!"

26. Joey Styles - "Oh..... MY..... GOD!" ou "Oh..... MY..... GOD?"

27. The Rock - "Finally..... The Rock has come back.. to [Nom de la ville]!"

28. JJ Dillon (IV Horsemen) - "Diamonds are forever and so are the Four Horsemen!"

29. Lance Storm - "I am From Calgary... Alberta, Canada!"

30. The Boogeyman - "I'm The Boogeyman... and I'm comin' to GET YA!"

31. Baron von Raschke - "And DAT is all da people need to know!!!"

32. Chris Jericho - "Welcome to............. RAW.... IS.... JERICHO!!!!!!!!!"

33. Vader - "It's Time! It's Time! It's.. VADER TIME!"

34. Justin Credible - "That's Not Just The Coolest, That's Not Just The Best, That's Just Incredible!"

35. Roddy Piper - "I came to fight and chew bubble gum and I'm all out of bubble gum!"

36. Steve Austin - "And That's The Bottom Line Cause Stone Cold Said So!"

37. Degeneration X - "I Got Two Words For Ya.. SUCK IT!"

38. Ric Flair - "WHOOOOOOOOO!!"

39. The Rock - "Who are you?....It DOESN'T matter what YOUR NAME IS!"

40. Chris Jericho - "Would You Please.. Shut.. The Hell.. Up!"

41. Sid Vicious - "I am the MASTER... and the RULER... of the WORLD!"

42. Fit Finlay - "Some People Call Me An Irish Bastard, But NOT TO MY FACE"

43. The Dudleyz - "DVON...... GET THE TABLES!!!"

44. The Rock - "If You Smellellellellellll.. What The Rock.. Is Cookin'!"

45. Ric Flair - "Whether you like it or not, Learn to love it because its the best thing going today!"

46. Brother Devon - "Oh my brutha.... TESTIFY!!!"

47. The Undertaker - "You will Rest.. In.... Peace......"

48. Booker T - "Can You Dig It, Sucka?"

49. Bill Goldberg - "Who's Next? You're Next!"

50. Triple H - "Cause I Am That Damn Good!"

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