PS2 => Paul London


Création du catcheur

Hair 26/73 X:98 Y:0 Shade -20 Hair scale:-100
Head morphing
Head Height:5 Width:-13 Depth:2
Forehead Size:20 Height:-6 Width:16 Depth:-3
Eye type 2/9 Reguler, Brown
Eyelashes 1/15
Eyebrows 15/38 X:86 Y:0 Shade:-20
Lips: 1/16
Teeth: 1/14
No Facial Features
No Marks
Skin Tone 1/12 X:90 Y:0 Shade:0
Skin Aging Age:20
Face/Face Morphing
Eyebrows Y-Axis:-74 Thickness:100 Depth:3 Angle:-53
Eyes Size:-8 Height:-15 Width:1 Y-Axis:12 X-Axis:9 Depth:-4 Angle:4
Nose Size:25 Height:42 Width:45 Length:2 Nostril H:-4 Nostril W:-38 Depth:9 Angle:2
Cheeks Size:-19 Y-axis:-95, X-Axis:4 Depth:-17
Mouth Height:24 Thickness:-25 Width:-28 Depth:-15 Upper Lip:16 Lower Lip:37 Angle:-49
Jaw Height:-3 Width:22 Depth:1 Outline:-27 Upper Line:-43 Thickness:-3
Ears Size:4 Angle1:8 Angle2:-22 Shape:0
Facial Hair
Sideburns:16/17 X:90 Y:0 Shade: Alpha:100
Goatee: 9/14 X:90 Y:0 Shade: Alpha:100
Templates: 15/26 X:90 Y:0 Shade: Alpha:100

Body: Height 5"10"
Body Type
Body Type:-4
Body Type/Body Morphing
Neck Height:-59 Width:3 Depth:3
Chest Height:-24 Width:-19 Depth:-2
Shoulders Height:-82 WidthL-42 Depth:-28
Abdomen: Height:-2 Width:12 Depth:12
Waist Width:11 Depth:7
Arms: Length:0 Width:-15 Depth:8
Hands Length:0 Width:0 Depth:0
Legs Length 0 Width:2 Depth:2
Feet Length:0 Width:0 Depth:0

(enterence and Cut scene)Tops 28/40 Tucked out Color X:-100 Y:-15 Shade:-15 Alpha:100
ArmWear Hands Both Color X:-100 Y:-15 Shade:-15 Alpha:100
Bottoms 37/42 Color X:-100 Y:-15 Shade:-15 Alpha:100
Bottoms/Design 120/141 complety white on both legs or if you have a better one
Belts 12/30 X:100 Y:0 Shade:50 Alpha:100 (place under top on layers)
Boots/Shoes 1/33 X: -27 Y:0 Shade:-10

Match Specialty: none
Fighty Style: High-Flyer, Brawler
Crowd Sighns: any


Moves/Prises du catcheur

Finisher 1: 450 Splash
Finisher 2: Shooting Star Splash


Entrance/Entrée du catcheur

Motion: Superstar 14
Champion Enterence: Superstar 14
Movie:Ashley ou WWE logo
Music: Ashley


Attributes du catcheur

Strength: 6.8/10
Speed: 9.6/10
Charisma: 8.6/10
Submission: 7.1/10
Hardcore: 6.6/10
Durability: 7.5/10
Stamina: 9/10
Technical: 8.1/10


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