[SVR 2010] Créer un lutteur - Chris Benoit (PS3/Xbox)

Chris Benoit

Pour réaliser Chris Benoit :

template 1
head (10,7,5)
forehead (5,-20,-10,10)
skin 8 (100,1,3,11)
age 67
eye type 1 (100,0,0)
eyelashes 2 (89,33,29)
eyebrows 21 (89,22,-16)
lips 2
teeth 2
hair 10 2nd choice (96,0,14)

face morphing
eyebrows (-15,55,40,86)
eyes (-15,-35,-18,-80,-11,50,-40)
nose (-20,-100,3,-25,-62,9,5,35)
cheeks (-70,-10,10,-75)
mouth (50,-78,-5,-50,57,1,-43)
jaws (-20,-75,-20)
ears (-76,40,-63,22)

face paint 56 (90,42,41,85)
makeup 22 (81,-55,-7,65)
makeup 5 (92,-17,-27,100)
facial hair combo 25 (94,3,-4,35)
goatee 2 (95,2,14,40)
moustache 12 (97,15,17,17)

Les prises de Bam Bam Bigelow :

Standing Actions:

Normal Ring In 1
Roll Down Ring Out

Apron Ring-In/out:

Normal Ring In 1
Normal Ring Out 1

Apron Ringside-In/Out:

Normal On The Apron 4
Normal Apron Out 2


Beat Chest x2
Quake x2

Standing Attacks:

Strike Attacks:
Back Chop 5
Clothesline 3
Cross Chop To Throat
Snap Jab 1
Kick To Gut


Reversal Elbow
Reversal Belly To Belly
Reversal Leg Lace
Reversal Push It

Quick Grapple:

Back Chop 2
Back Chop 3
Arm Wrench
Shoulder Thrust 2

Quick Grapple From Behind:

Elbow To Back Of Head
Headbutt 3
Atomic Drop 1
Back Side Slam

Royal Rumble Quick Grapple:

Back Chop 6
Push It
Dropkick 7
Toe Kick 2

Grapple Moves:
Collar & Elbow:
Grapple Knife Ege Chop
Armbar 5
Arm Drag Leg Drop
Backbreaker 1
Suplex 4 (Used This In Memory To Eddie Guerrero)
Chop Combination

Side Headlock:

Grapple Elbow Smash 2
Abdominal Stretch
Russian Leg Sweep 3
Swing Side Walkslam
Belly To Belly 5
Suplex 9

Wirst Lock:

Grapple Arm Wrench
Underhook Lock
Double Back Chop
Tilt A Whirl Side Slam 2
Armbar 2
German Suplex 2

Rear Waist Lock:

Grapple Elbow Smash 3
Cobra Clutch
Back Suplex 5
Russian Leg Sweep 2
DDT 12
Electric Chair Drop


Strike Attacks:
Angry Stomp
Elbow Drop 2
Falling Headbutt 2

Grapple Moves Facing Up:

Armbar Stretch
Butterfly Lock
Sharpshooter 1

Grapple Moves Facing Down:

Back Chop 4
Armbreaker 2
Back Suplex 7

Submission Grapple:

Dragon Sleeper
Camel Clutch 3
Sharpshooter 2

Submission Match:

Dragon Sleeper
Camel Clutch 3
Sharpshooter 2


Strike Attacks:
Turnbuckle Clothesline 1
Turnbuckle Dropkick 1
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Grapple Moves:

Arm Drag 3
Back Elbow Strike
Diving Headbutt 3

Grapple From Behind:

Super Back Suplex
Forearm To Back
Side Slam
Neckbreaker 11

Stting Corner Grapple:

Mudhole Stomping 2


Groggy Againts Ropes:
Knee Drop 3


Strike Attacks:
Punch To Ring
Axe Handle To Ringside


Apron Suplex To Ring 1
Apron Giant Chop
Apron Shoulder Block
Apron Pulling Down 1
Apron Pulling Down 2


Apron Elbow Drop
Apron Elbow Attack

Apron Clothesline
Apron Running Elbow


Diving Attack Vs Standing Opponent:
Diving Clothesline 2
Missile Dropkick

Diving Attack Vs Downed Opponent:
Diving Elbow Drop 2
Diving Elbow Drop 3


Running Strikes:
Clothesline 5
Clothesline 9


Belly To Belly 4
Drop Toe Hold 2

Grapple From Behind:

German Suplex 5
Bulldog 3

Ground Strikes:

Elbow Drop 3
Elbow Drop 3

Irish Whip Rebound:

Back Chop 1
Arm Drag 8
German Suplex 1
Reversal Kick

Pull-Back Attacks
Pull-Back Chop
Pull-Back Belly To Belly

Tag Team:

Standing Tag Team:
Double DDT
Knife Edge Chop
Headlock Headbutt
Double Russian Leg Sweep

Corner Tag Team:
Hip Toss 1
Double Hip Toss
Body Blow 2
Double Arm Whip 1

Special Moves:

Sharpshooter 2
German Suplex 3

Dining Headbutt 4

Royal Rumble Finisher:

Atomic Drop 2
Pumphandle Slam 2
Clothesline 26
Shoulder Block 7

Les Finishers de Chris Benoit :


German Suplex 3
Sharpshooter Crossface
Diving Headbutt 4


Crossface (Crippler Crossface)
Diving Headbutt 4
Sharpshooter 2
Diving Headbutt 4 or 5

L'entrée de Chris Benoit :


Motion: Superstar 01


Motion: Tommy Dreamer


Motion: Chris Jericho


Motion: Chris Jericho


Motion: Superstar 22


Champion Entrance: Generic 03/Randy Orton 2

Movie: Highlight Reel/WWE Logo

Music: Custom Soundtrack - Whatever(Last Theme) or Shooter(2000-2002)

In-game - Tommy Dreamer (For those without custom themes)

Les attributs de Chris Benoit :

Grapple: 90/100
Strikes: 85/100
Submission: 98/100
Durability: 85/100
Technical: 96/100
Speed: 82/100
Charisma: 85/100
Hardcore: 75/100

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